Saturday, 29 October 2011

Bread Street Kitchen

stone bass filet
We went to Bread Street Kitchen last night, Gordon Ramsey's new restaurant in the city. We were really anticipating a wonderful dining experience, based on the decor and the amount of people working there, one could reasonable think this! Unfortunately, our night was dampened with mediocre food and pretty inattentive service.
We ordered the oven baked burrata and expected to get a big portion of delicious cheese but was given this pathetic portion of with an overwhelming onion tart underneath. The flavors were good but I just wanted more burrata.
king crab and apple cocktail pink peppercorns
 The crab appetizer was my favorite. It was similar to a prawn mayonaise cocktail but with generous, delicious portions of crab instead. Every bite was perfect!
the platter of cured meats, pickles and chili. The meats were good, but nothing mind blowing.
parmesan string beans and mac and cheese with garlic roasted crumbs,
hand cooked chips and spiced glazed carrots
for my entree, I ordered the short rib burger with a tomato relish and haloumi cheese. It was juicy, cooked to perfection, and mighty delicious. Everything I could have wanted in a burger, except I was super full and could only eat half!! Bummer.
Somehow the three of us still managed to have room for 2 desserts. This was a chocolate tart with salted caramel ice cream with honeycomb on top. I wasn't in the mood for chocolate but I had a few bites of the ammaaazing salty caramel ice cream. The boys couldn't get enough!
bread pudding, a bit too liquefied (didn't cook long enough), but the flavor was good! I was a bit petrified by the service at the restaurant. There were a TON of servers and hosts around but there seemed to lack any communication between them. I also witnessed a line cook accidentally touching a hot plate and proceeding to throw it back on to the counter, whereby splashing sauce everywhere and making a loud noise. That would have been the end of it, but he instantly became very angry and hostile to the other wait staff. I understand he must have been in pain and angry at not knowing the plate was hot, but it's one thing to briefly get upset but another to snap at your co-workers, especially in front of diners. It was like a bad accident, I couldn’t help but watch!

So all in all, it was an okay dining experience. The food didn't bowl me over but I would come back if friends wanted to try it.