Monday, 20 February 2012

Crisp and Cleanin

We, I mean Tarek and my mom spent the weekend tackling the living room, basement, and upstairs rooms, which consisted of organizing all the cords, knick knacks, and papers lying around the house. I put away most of my stuff the first two days we moved in and now I'm just waiting for some storage containers to arrive so I can put away the rest of the stuff I don't need right this minute such as study materials and books. We're still pluggin along though!
No matter how many things get put away, this table never seems to get clean!
Our kitchen looks pretty organized now thanks to my momma!
the baby's room is almost cleared away! Our nursery furniture is coming next weekend- can't wait!
I decorated the baby's bathroom even though he's probably not going to appreciate it until he gets older :-)
Call me a bit obsessed with monkeys

Friday night's dinner was some broiled, baked, and grilled chicken with some rice and beans, potato salad, and salad. We had a bit of trouble with our fire alarm while T made dinner and I swear it went off 3 times before we finally decided to stop using the oven and just finish off the chicken on the stove. Yet again we have a really sensitive fire alarm!! Blergh.

On Saturday, we stopped by my favorite chicken spot in Chicago (favorite being I've eaten there only 3 times, hehe) called Crisp and then ran a couple errands.
Crisp has the most delicious *Korean* fried chicken I've ever tasted, along with some tasty sides such as these fried mushrooms.
kkaktugi- spicy radishes
The Big Boy Buddha Bowl loaded with a TON of veggies and generous portions of beef.
The main event- Seoul Sassy and Crisp Bbq whole chicken platter. It's finger lickin good!!
We also stopped by Dirk's Fish and Gourmet shop on our way home, picking up some things for dinner. T's been on a roll, doing most, if not all the cooking this past week!
two kinds of shrimp
shrimp #1 slightly bigger than the second
shrimp #2 the smalller, more flavorful one
pre-made crab cakes with grainy mustard
I crumbled my crab cake and ate it with more salad, which helped balance out the saltiness of the cakes.
cooked scallop roll with spicy mayo
I tried Thomas bagel thins  for the first time and it was the perfect size for me, not too big that I get overly full, typical these days since my stomach can't handle an overload of food, and not too small that I'm still hungry. 

Errand time!! Target, Kohl's, and possibly gym membership search.