Friday, 20 August 2010

Never too much Salt!

Last nights dinner consisted of a whole lotta tapas at the Salt Yard. This is probably my second favorite tapas restaurant in London; Cambio De Tercio tops my list!

When we arrived, I was starving marvin and I couldn't wait for our guest. MORE BREAD PLEASE!

Nice chunky grilled bread with garlic aioli. YUM!
The house white wine. Light and crisp. Just how I like it.

Lots of creamy and flavorful goat cheeses. I skipped the bread and just ate forkfuls of the cheese.
Fried zuchinni with honey drizzle for shizzle. The top of the zuchinni my friends would be a loaded bulb of warm goat cheese ready to explode in your mouth..Wowza!!
Wild salmon (Omega-3 alert!!) with a quail egg on top with green gazpacho sorbet. I wasn't a big fan of the green gazpacho because it was cold. I like my sorbets sweet not savory.
Fried seafood balls made of mussels, crab, and squid with a chili aoili.
Patatas fritas with not one but TWO dipping sauces :)
Chicken with Truffled Macaroni, Asparagus, Chestnut Mushrooms and Parmesan. If you haven't had truffled macaroni, you must try it. I can't begin to describe the flavor of truffle. It's the best stuff on earth!

Cod with fried lil shrimp and crispy breaded asparagus. Meh...Not my favorite. I thought the fish was too bland.
Squid with a mixture of tomatos, peas, onions, and bacon. You wouldn't think those ingredients go together but oh let me tell ya.. They did. DELISH!
Beef with carmelized onions and rocket leaves. The beef was too chewy but the flavor was nice.
Cinnamon sugar donuts with lemon zest and a side of choco chip ice cream. Oh yes, it's the unbotton the top of your jeans kind of dessert!
Buttermilk pannacotta with figs on top. It was alright. I wouldn't get it again. The pannacotta was sweet from the figs but as soon as all the figs were eaten, it was plain ole pannacotta!

So I might have gained 5lbs last night from all the delicious food but I have no regrets this morning. Life for me is about enjoying all the little pleasures *food and drink* but also knowing that I have to make some sacrifices for doing so. All the more reason for me to push harder during my workout today!!

Pre-run snack:

Off to go run and do some weights yo :)

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