Friday, 20 August 2010

But you got me some Shawarma!!

Dinner tonight was takeout, otherwise known as takeaway here in the UK. A nice change from all the running around all week.
Chicken wings with garlic sauce. I know chicken wings are very bad for you but they are so tasty. At least these little nuggets weren't drowned in calorie bombtastic sauce.
Hummus with olive oil goodness running all around the sides.
Shredded pieces of lamb shawarma. It was good but my stomach is sort of doing a funky chicken dance. Maybe too much oil? After all, the picture does seem to be glistening.. not a good sign!
I had a sample of 3 different kinds of sandwiches- chicken, spicy sausage, and ground lamb. I took the wrapping off most of it so I wouldn't injest all those carbs!
Bottle of red to complement the meal. I had a nice big pour. The wine reminded me of how much I enjoyed Paris, sigh..
A little bite of carrot bundt cake because no dinner is complete without some form of dessert :)

Up next:

Tomorrow's activity: Brighton aka the first time at the beach all summer!! Looks like I won't be getting any sun though as it is projected to rain. Don't rain on my parade please.

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