Friday, 20 August 2010

Walk it out

I forgot how much I like lifting weights at an actual gym. I've been doing my strength training in my flat for a few months now with not much space to move around. It is so much nicer having mirrors and different equipment so I can vary my exercises. I'm also become more motivated when I see other women working out and lifting weights.

After my workout, I was craving a protein smoothie! I had to improvise so I bought a Starbucks mango passionfruit smoothie and mixed in my whey protein.
The afternoon consisted of walking around the city with a friend sightseeing and walking along the river. Our last destination was Bea's of Bloomsbury (apparently known for their baked goodies). Check out their spread. The smell coming from that place was heavenly!
Aren't you sweet as a cupcake!

I had a vanilla cupcake with lemon frosting. The frosting was whipped and light. The cupcake itself was pretty moist and not too sweet, which I preferred. A nice treat after a day of walking. Did I tell you how much I heart coffee? An Americano please for the American!
I tried a different flavor from the Berry Company and this time it was an actual juice drink instead of the tea that I had previously. It was sweet and refreshing. It doesn't hurt that Acai berries are also very good for you.
The apple is for my princess. My girl loves her apples- she must have gotten it from her momma!

Song of the day: Shakira "Spy"

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