Monday, 9 August 2010


My afternoon yesterday was spent here at Wembley Stadium:

Some 84,000 people walking into Wembley Stadium

Chelsea became my default team since we moved to the neighborhood
There was a lot of red support for Manchester United
 I thought the guy performing to left was Kanye, ha!! Turns out it was a british artist
The crowd constantly booed the players on either side who were part of the England World Cup team. I thought they were saying "Roo" for Rooney but apparently it was a resounding "BOOOO"
I don't think these guys could have asked for a better day to play. The weather was beautiful!
Score: Chelsea 0 Man U 2
On a happier note, I got to see Javier Hernandez "Chicharito" from Man U score a goal albeit a clumsy one.

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