Monday, 9 August 2010

Berry good

Egg whites sprinkled w. salt, pepper,  and cayenne pepper. Toast w. almond butter (all natural of course). Huge mug of coffee!
I bought these at Holland and Barrett today because I had run out:

I tried them plain for the first time and I'm not sure if I like the taste. They taste similar to raisins but are a bit more tart. I don't really like raisins plain so I guess I'm not surprised I didn't warm up to these. I do like these lil munchkins in my smoothies and plain yogurts since both those ingredients mask the taste. Goji berries are considered a SUPERFOOD in the health food world.

They good for you because:
1.) lots of antioxidants
2.) known to boost energy levels
3.) high in omegas
4.) contains amino acids
5.) source of carotenoids

The list goes on... I think I'm going to start putting them in a snack baggie and carry it around in my purse so I can munch on them during the day. Adding some almonds and granola would probably help with the taste as well. Others suggest putting the berries in water so they can soften up and not only flavor your water but also make the berries taste less tart. You can also put them in your hot tea in the morning, sprinkle them in cereals, pancakes, oatmeal, ETC...
Lunch today:

Romaine lettuce, spinach, strawberries, tomatoes, peppers, and chicken slices with some ranch dressing and hot sauce on top.

I woke up this morning not feeling so hot so I skipped my workout and took Sonoma to the park. While there, I regretted not going and decided to go to a 1 p.m. body conditioning class. Although I was feeling lethargic on the whole bus ride there, I became more energized when the class started.

My recommendation is if you don't feel like working out in the morning, listen to your body and don't do it. Don't rule out not doing anything though and try a few hours later. You never know when you might get that extra boost of energy like I did!

Song of the day: Jack Johnson "Banana pancakes"

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