Tuesday, 24 August 2010


So I've decided that I officially dislike hemp seeds. I tried eating shelled hemp seeds a few months back but all it did was give me a bad case of the bathroom blues (TMI!!)

I was craving pancakes this morning so I dug out from the pantry a pancake mix that I had bought from Whole Foods on a discount.

I was getting excited...

I added some fresh blueberries and I had my pure Vermont Maple Syrup dark amber ready!!

Doesn't it look yummy? I put some bananas on top to add some more sweetness to the pancakes.

Uhmm.. too bad it tasted like shit. Excuse moi for my poor language but YUCK! I would rather take buttermilk pancakes than this any day. I threw it out. I can usually eat anything but this to me tasted like...a damp moldy room? or maybe even mud? I can't begin to describe it. I picked off the bananers and had half a bagel instead. No wonder they put this product on the sale shelf because ain't nobody gonna eat this! I take that back.. maybe someone likes the taste of a musty room?

Hemp products: MAJOR FAIL

My morning will consist of powerplate and I'm trying a new workout class called Roxy beach body workout.
 Yea I'll try it if I can get that chicks abs!

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