Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Surf's up

Today's Roxy beach body workout involved 30 minutes of circuit training using our own body weight, a bosu ball, swiss ball, and this fun toy.
It's called a Vipr and it is weighted. You can do exercises with it like squats and lunges for an additional strength training workout.

We ended our training with a little bit of yoga. I've never done yoga before but I can tell from the few moves we did that I would probably really enjoy it. I guess that's a story for another day!

Afterwards, I was in the mood to sweat some more so I ran about 4 miles. I was skeptical that I would actually enjoy running on a treadmill as opposed to being outside but surprisingly, it was enjoyable. Easier on my knees and hips because apparently I'm a grandma!

Lunch was more of the same except I had some wild salmon and sauteed kale/spinach.
I quickly removed the green onions on top of the sweet potato and put it on the salmon. Silly mistake!

Cold dark choco for dessert. Mmm..

Song of the day: Teddy Geiger "For you I will"

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