Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Post Thanksgiving eating

Since I was craving Portillo's, T did the second best thing he could find; he made us burgers, and brats.
I don't know how he assumed I could finish this meat fest because I only had room for one hot dog and burger and that was even a stretch!
no tree yet but Sonoma and I are ready for Christmas! Bring on the lights, tree, and most of all Christmas music!!
We're making some headway into our turkey leftovers. We sure had a TON left!
on to my next craving: Tacos.. doesn't quite beat that artificial meat Taco Bell taste but it was a good substitute :)
with all the fixin's

my taco turned into a taco salad.. guess that's what happens when you overstuff your tacos!
more Thanksgiving leftovers.. T made his version of a Shepherd's pie with leftover ground meat, turkey, and mash potatoes.
he added some spinach because I was dying for some greens!
leftover taco/shepherd's pie turned salad for lunch

Papa Sultani's turkey gratin- cheesy, gooey, decadent, and delicious!
I think I may have to lay down after this meal!
blueberry/banana/peanut butter smoothie with some fun chocolate/sprinkle toppings.
Now this is a yummy way to get my daily dose of fruit.
pancakes and eggs this morning for breakfast
I heated up this roast chicken for lunch along with some cooked veggies, brown rice, and beets.
sliced mushrooms sauteed in EVOO, garlic powder, salt, pepper, and cayenne pepper.

yum! It felt so good to be eating healthy again after so many heavy meals!
my vice on a somewhat healthy roast chicken is the skin. Can't. get. enough. 

Book  recommendations: The Best of Me by Nicholas Sparks (just finished it and thought it was such a classic Nicholas Sparks love story). I'm now starting the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins and I'm hooked so far!

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