Friday, 2 December 2011

What a waste!

hummus and eggs are back!
one of the greatest combos I've discovered for a filling breakfast.
Lunch after school- Pret A Manger tuna salad. I only have 2 more weeks left of school before Christmas break. Hallejuler!!
Yum- this definitely satisfies my craving for tuna!
I also got a spicy bean chili soup but was surprised when there weren't any beans; it's actually soup made with ground up beans- DUH!!
It was still pretty satisfying on a cold day.
soup and salad- another favorite combo!
more salad for dinner- T made us his first ever cobb salad since I had mentioned in my previous blog that this was what I was craving. Yum! It was delicious.
He substituted blue cheese for haloumi and bacon for panchetta.
This was a great way to finish off our chicken/turkey leftovers. I can't believe we're finally done with all our leftovers! Makes me kinda sad but also glad that our fridge isn't stuffed to the brim.
leftover turkey gratin for lunch and a simple ranch salad with beets

veggie platter with edamame
I ordered a crap load of food last night from an online delivery system called HungryHouse. The restaurant was My eyes were definitely bigger than my stomach when ordering my food.
miso soup and seaweed salad

soba noodle soup w. veggie tempura on the side

The food was good, but for some reason didn't sit well in my stomach AT ALL. Sadly to say I might have had to make a trip to the toilet to throw up. TMI!! All I could think was damn; what a waste of food! :-)
Breakfast this morning: eggs, hummus, and sauteed mushrooms.

Book I'm currently reading: Catching Fire- the second of the Hunger Games series. I finished the first book in 1 and 1/2 days. They are SO good!! I can't wait for the movie coming out next year!!

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