Friday, 25 November 2011

Thanksgiving in London

We started our Thanksgiving morning with a hearty and very cheesy omelete with spinach, peppers, and cheddar cheese.
I can't make omeletes myself but I sure can enjoy them!
After a quick clean up, I got ready for class, and then at the last minute changed my mind about going. What about the Thanksgiving holiday screams going to class? Heck no! The baby wanted to stay home and cook :-)
T made these pumpkin pies the night before. I highly suggest prepping, and baking the day or night before so the day of can be that less stressful. *our day still was a bit stressful* but isn't Thanksgiving meal prep always a tad bit stressful?
T was in charge of the bird, mashed potatoes, rice stuffing, and pumpkin pie.
He seasoned this bird with his dad's middle eastern recipe with lots of earthy spices.
I was in charge of:
  • Southern style biscuits- Thank You Alton Brown. His recipe is amazing! I made these 3 hours before everyone came but I highly recommend doing it last minute so they come out hot and buttery. Yuum.
  •  Green bean casserole- I used everything besides the French's fried onions. I found a so-so UK substitute.
  • Stove top stuffing
  • Sweet potato casserole
da bird!
Now that's a tasty bird!
and we have lots of leftovers!
the sweet potato casserole was a hit as well. I followed this recipe:
classic stove top stuffing. Simple and delicious.
I got lazy and forgot to take a picture of the other table. Who can really blame me with all this delicious food around.
my huge plate of a little bit of everything.

I of course had leftovers this afternoon and probably for a long time to come. That's what I love about the holidays: good eating, and great company. The only thing missing this year was my family, but I've been used to that for 2 years.
Tarek also made us turkey bagel sandwiches on top of that huge plate of food I fixed for myself. I ate half the sandwich and left the potato salad, which wasn't very appetizing after all that homemade food.
all that gooeyness is red leicester cheese (pasteurized of course!)
and why didn't I notice this before? Someone brought us a HUGE bottle of champagne..
compared to the regular sized bottle, this one looks humongo! Maybe we can make use of it after the baby is born, hehe.

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