Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Please enter room quietly!!

Today in class, I was shocked to learn a little something about my Chemistry professor. Boy is he an S-T-I-C-K-L-E-R for the rules. He made it clear last week that we must be in our lecture room by ten minutes past 9:30 or else we would have to wait outside until we were "summoned" by the teacher. This morning, several people came in later than 9:40 but most were polite about entering. Btw- Do not get me started on the one or two students that peered into the room and proceeded to interrupt class by knocking on the door. Uhhmm.. I'm sorry but do you need to announce your presence like that? GEEZ!! Who does that? Just come the F in the room quietly!!! Anyways, at about 9:50, a student quietly walks in while Prof is talking and he immediately stops, turns to the student and loudly states "EXCUSE me! Did you not see the sign on the door that says to please wait outside until you are called in? Please leave" The student then sheepishly leaves the room, despite already being halfway in and almost to his seat. I'm sorry but I had to write about this because I thought what was happening was stupid and unnecessary. I understand that teachers find it distracting when students come in late, but due to unforeseen circumstances (i.e.: train, bus running late, doctors appointment, whatever it may be) I don't think students should be punished by waiting outside in the hallway and missing pretty much the entire lecture. That being said, why even bother coming to class if you’re running late on accident? You’re going to have to wait outside til the end!!
I thought professors were supposed to foster a safe, helpful learning environment, not a hostile and stern one. Sigh.. Rant over.. Eeeks.. Remind me never to be late.

Last night's dinner was CHOP CHOP noodle bar since Chinese was sounded really good last night after teaching Zumba.
T picked up two soups to try; the first was a mild broth with veggies, and shrimp, the other was our usual thai seafood laksa.
duck fried rice.
yuuum.. this soup hits the spot every. single. time. :-)
Duck. Fried. RICE!! with siracha of course.

Breakfast this morning prior to attending lecture: scrambled eggs w. peanut buttered toast
Lunch after class was a pop in the oven ham, mushroom, and olive pizza from Pizza Express. I'm on a pizza kick for lunch lately. It's quite a delicious kick to be on! I also had an unpictured salad with ranch dressing. Yummy!

afternoon soup snack then its time to get my study on for my Biology lecture tomorrow.

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