Sunday, 29 May 2011

Memorial Day bbq

T made lunch for us yesterday after I got back from the gym. I stopped at the store and bought some shrimp and scallops (2 for £5!). Pasta sounded good to me after my tough workout. It actually felt good to sort of "suffer" through another workout. Thankfully, my body is adjusting and isn't as sore as last week when I couldn't move for like 4 days!

Mid afternoon snack of PnB and celery sticks to tide me over til dinner.
T made us a delicious dinner of lamb shanks done Provence style. The smell of the lamb cooking in the house was lovely :)
Mmm.. mmm.. mmm.. all over brown rice.
I didn't feel like anything in particular this morning so I made myself a protein smoothie for breakfast. I put some seeds and wheat germ on the bottom for extra vits and mins.
Smoothie and coffee. Breakfast of lazy Champions. :-D he. he. he.
toppings: Special K cereal, pistachios, goji berries, and raisins
Fridge is stocked for our Memorial Day bbq! Gee, could our fridge be any smaller!!
The hubby worked cooked while I was in charge of cleaning duties and keeping people topped up on beverages
lamb chops and shrimp skewers
Kefta and veggie skewers. The kefta was from Tarek's mom who sent it in a care package with his sister who came over for the bbq.
Miso soaked cod. I let everyone else dig in but got to sneak in a tiny bite; it was delicious and very flavorful.
I did help myself to a ginormous burger with cheddar cheese. It isn't a proper Memorial Day without a burger. I swear- it was worth the calories!
Rainbow trout for the pescetarians at the table. I didn't have any but I heard it tasted a bit like salmon. It looked yummy anyway.
Last but not least, some skirt steak to top off our meat feast!

Agenda: Off to salsa to burn off some of the calories..if I could only get my bum off this chair.. Blergh.

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