Saturday, 28 May 2011

La Reve at Cafe De Paris

Quick snack before teaching Zumba. I spread a tablespoon of goat cheese and topped it with premade spaghetti sauce on wholewheat toast. It was quite yummy! Unfortunately, it didn't hold me through the class. I was SO tired after teaching. T brought up a good point and said maybe I shouldn't practice so much, especially on the day of teaching. It's just so hard to stop. Can't. stop. dancing! :-D
I grabbed a quick protein bar before T rushed me out the door to his surprise date night. By the way, these protein bars are ammaazing!!! It tastes like pure chocolate goodness and not grainy or "fake chocolate" tasting at all. Of course, this made me skeptical and I had to check out the nutritional stats. Not bad for 30 grams of protein. I had T sneak bites in with me so I wouldn't be eating the entire 350 calorie bar on my own. We were planning on going out to eat after his surprise. I definitely wouldn't eat these everyday but they are a great meal substitute for when you're on the run.

Drum roll puhhhhhhleaasseeeee...............
Tarek took me to Cafe De Paris to watch a Burlesque show called La Reve. We also got lucky because we were originally supposed to be standing in the balcony (there were no seats available!!) but the hostess approached us to let us know there were two seats downstairs at the dining tables and we were welcome to sit there and order our drinks from a waitress. Woo hoo! We got to enjoy the show from the comfort of our own seats. It was especially nice for me because my whole body was aching! :-D I love lucky streaks. I was very grateful to the hostess and tried to track her down afterwards to thank her but she had disappeared! The show was a bit risque, entertaining with comedic musicians, had a bit of magic and was a very different but fun night out.
breakfast before heading out to the gym. I'm going to try a new Tone it Up Workout found here:
I love these girls and their workouts/fitness tips!

Agenda for the day: gym, study, watch some fooootball aka soccer!
T brought me my guilty celeb gossip pleasure!

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