Monday, 30 May 2011

Dance Central

I love leftovers because then we can make steak omelets for breakfast! Oh man.. I'm going to be so meated out after this long holiday weekend. I voiced my concern to Tarek about eating too much meat and he suggested we eat the leftovers this week and go meatless next week. I agreed. I'll just have to make sure to eat red meat alternatives for lunch this week.
Yummmm.. this omelet was perfectly cheesy and salty from the meat. Delish!
She "waltzed" for her tiny piece of steak this morning. T likes to pretend our dog can dance. Cue the lights and music please.

In da gym: While doing the ab exercises with the ball, I realized how badly my core shape is. I could barely do 6 reps of the leg extension with the ball in between my legs! I'm going to try and squeeze out 8 reps next time and work my way up to 12- as pain free as possible. That will be my ab-tastic goal for the summer! :-D
my muscle recovery potion never tasted so good!!
Protein smoothie for muscle recovery: I also made sure to stretch an extra long time after my workout. I did an overall total body stretch but placed a big emphasis on my hamstrings which were SUPER tight and sore last time.
  • skim milk
  • frozen berries: mixture of strawberries, blueberries, black berries raspberries, red currant
  • banana
  • 2 tablespoons plain yogurt
  • agave nectar
  • scoop of protein powder
T made us lunch while I did some more Dance Central for Kinect. If you like to dance, I would definitely recommend getting this game. I'm currently working through some of the songs on the easy version. All you have to do is mirror the dancer on the screen and Kinect can detect your movements and award you stars on the basis of how many points you get aka how many moves you dance correctly. So far, I've already gotten four stars on four songs and five on one. Waaa hooo! *nerd alert!* As I get better, I fully intend on challenging myself and going from easy-medium-hard!
beef fried rice prepared thai style. I scarfed it down like it was my job. After eating we took Noms to the park and I layed down to finish my book. It was a very easy and semi enjoyable read but not one of my favorites.

Time to get my study on!

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