Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Trying something new..

This has to be the oddest combination for dinner I've ever had. Last night's dinner was weird but surprisingly just what I wanted.
Sweet potato fries seasoned w. evoo, salt, pepper, and cayenne pepper, baked beans, and already cooked shrimp from Marks and Sparks (leftovers from the picnic)

My life lately has consisted of Breakfast, Zumba, Lunch, Zumba, rest, Dinner, catch up on TV
Aranciata makes life all better!
and roasted veggies for lunch

Mid afternoon protein smoothie w. extra raspberries for that lovely pink color!
Injera bread; a sour tasting flat bread that you use to scoop up the food.
I finally had Ethiopian food tonight. I was super excited to try something different and something I've never had before! and shh... I was also secretly excited about having an excuse to eat w. my hands. Who can say they ever got permission to eat with their fingers at the dinner table. Woo hoo!
The injera looks and tastes spongy in texture. I really liked it!
They also place the food onto the Injera so it has a chance to soak up the different flavors of the food while we eat off of it.
We ordered a spicy lamb, chicken, and vegetable dish. The flavors were all very unique and tasty. My mouth was on FIRE!
Lamb sambusa
T demonstrating how to use the Injera bread to eat the food. Yum!

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