Wednesday, 13 April 2011

bread pudding

Bread pudding for breakfast anyone? Bueller??..
Hot Diggity Dawg! Most brillant breakfast idea ever. I got the recipe off I used the leftover bauguette we had from the picnic. The picnic is the picnic that keeps on giving! The top looks a bit more burnt than it tasted but it was very yummy, all gooey and warm in the middle
The best part was that the house smelled like cinnamon the entire morning :)
I may not may have helped myself to a second slice w. seeds and germ on top. :P
I love these innocent smoothies. So delicious and I don't have to mess up my blender.

Lunch: leftovers yet again!

I swear I've eaten all the turkey/soba noodles I had left this week.
I'm so excited about my coconut water. It has lots of potassium and is great for rehydration. Now if only I can start running again, maybe it will come in handy! lol...
Salsa time!!

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