Monday, 11 April 2011


Minestrone soup @ The Spaghetti House. The soup looks really good with all those veggies but it needed lots of pepper and salt and I still don't think it tasted that great.

T's garlic shrimp and pistachio pasta
My spaghetti bolognese. The food was alright but the service was TERRIBLE! It took forever for the food to arrive and we were left with empty water glasses. Hmph.. chalk it up to London service!

Dinner was @ Karavas. A greek restaurant in Camden.
We ordered the fish meza platter.
Everything was delicious!

My humongo plate
grilled fish platter with some calamari and fried sardines. "Hey, why are their onion rings on the plate?"- oops!! hehehe
Feta salad
Greek delights!

Another omelette for breakfast filled with tomatoes, onions, and cilantro.

You can kinda taste the omelette below all the seeds! :P

Leftovers for lunch w. some sparkling juice.

Zumba song of the day: "Cuando Pasara"- Menudo

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