Saturday, 16 April 2011

Perfect combinations

We made our own french fries!
Dooood! I love our new deep fryer
Sadly, the only contribution I made to last night's dinner was cutting of the potatoes and cleaning.
Patiently waiting for the chicken to fry.. Waiting is always the hardest part..
Double fried baby.
K.F.C. I think I died and went to heaven. Yummy!!!
Looks like I caught someone red handed!
So delicious that I even took a solo picture!

Mini fried chicken breast bites
...dipped in spicy mayo sauce..Before we started frying everything, I was very hesitant thinking about how bad frying is for you but after tasting everything I was wondering what to fry next ! Maybe a snickers bar? a twinkie?? I think I remember reading somewhere that fried foods are as addicting as drugs. It's like CRACK! lol..okay not THAT extreme but I can definitely see the comparison.

We met up w. friends for breakfast at the Modern Pantry this morning:
We almost had this room to ourselves.

Chocolate croissant
T's smoked salmon with yuzu hollandaise sauce. I had a bite and it was really good!! The yuzu hollandaise was a nice touch to the standard sauce.
My winning bacon and waffle dish. I wanted something different this morning than the standard eggs and toast breakfast and boy was I glad I went this route!!
Waffles and bacon= the perfect sweet and salty combination. I made sure every single bite had a bit of waffle and bacon. Absolutely diivine!! ***Not for the lovers of crispy bacon*** this bacon was soft and chewy. My favorite style of bacon!

We stopped by Chapel Market before heading home for a little sweet treat.

Nutella and banana. Talk about a day of perfect combinations. Good way to start a Saturday!

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