Friday, 15 April 2011

KFC... not to be mistaken with Kentucky!

Dinner was a bit random last night. T and I split a burger and some cauliflower/brocolli cheesy mash with leftover salmon and quinoa from my lunch earlier.
Dessert was decadent and delicious: White chocolate creme filled pastry. O.M.G. So good!
 Breakfast was more of the same: Half a sesame seed bagel w. yogurt and fruit!
 Perfect fill me up for my Zumba session this morning!
 Oven baked chicken seasoned w. cayenne pepper, salt, and garlic powder
 Sauteed peppers

 It all tasted great! I love healthy lunches :)

So excited for tonights plan: We're making Korean Fried Chicken in our new fryer and I'm making the hubby watch the Scream trilogy before we go see Scream 4 later this weekend. Can you believe he's never even seen the first one?! I was ob--sessed back in the day w. Scream. Holler back to 1996 baby.

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