Sunday, 17 April 2011


I'm not sure if this fryer was such a good idears....
On second thought.. maybe it was! I heart fried potatoes :)

Dinner was back at Ukai Sushi for round #2 with the hubby.
Eel tamaki roll
Salmon sashimi- so fresh and buttery. mmmmm...
Salmon and avocado maki
seafood udon
beef and mushrooms in overly salty sauce. The sauce would have been very tasty minus the overkill on the salt.
Veggie spring rolls. Perfectly crispy with sweet dipping soy sauce.
soft shell crab roll. This is the one time I would boycott frying anything. The fried outer seaweed was masking all the flavors inside the roll. Sad face :(

Dessert wasn't anything to complain about. We picked up a red velvet and sticky toffee pudding cupcake from Hummingbird on the way back home to pair with our Ben and Jerry's Fairly Nuts ice cream. We also continued our Scream marathon w. Scream 2. I don't think my hubs likes the triology thus far. ha! I don't really think I enjoy it that much either this time around... I hate getting old !

Fun fact: We're going to Milan next weekend!!! Amo l' Italia! Ciao Ciao!

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  1. Lol - I enjoyed watching the trilogy with you. Sure they aren't great films, but they are still fun. :)