Monday, 27 December 2010

Waka Waka

My friend Steph is here!!
It's actually quite easy to get to our place from the airport. You take the Piccadily line straight to Kings Cross. I was happy to see her smiling face. I'm not gonna lie- I was afraid she would get lost in the busy shuffle!
In true visitor fashion, she wanted to try British cuisine.
And sample some British beer
The bartender was nice enough to explain the three cask beers and give us a sampling of each.
I don't particularly like cask beers because they aren't very cold. The bartender shook his head as if I didn't know anything about beer. Well.. I DON'T!! Hmph. :o)
What a nice way to spend a long layover.
Sausage and mash.
 Fish n' Chips w. mushy peas. The batter was soggy but the fish was nice and flaky.
Steak and ale pie. Everything was just your standard British cuisine. Nothing to write home to mom about but its worth trying every once in a while.
Sticky toffee pudding.
Jaffa cake- both these desserts weren't very good. We left most of it on our plates.

What to do with an hour to spare....a visit to Trafalgar Square!
I felt like such a tourist today but that's alright because I loved every minute of it. We all need those cheesy let's capture these moments type days.
Mizzou represent. So great to see an old friend!
We saw Stephanie off to the last leg and her main destination. On to S. Africa. We dance to this song in my Zumba class. I love it!

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