Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Butt of the bread

My dad and brother went shopping for 5 hours and all they have to show for it is an Indiana Jones hat for my dad. He IS a professor at a University... see any similarities???
I managed to come to the restaurant just in time for a Cobra beer pour. I'm doing private lessons w. my salsa teacher to improve the basics that I just can't seem to get down: the hand connection, spotting, following the lead, and going in the direction of my arms. I'm trying not to get frustrated but sometimes it's hard. :-). Anyone know of any positive mantras I can repeat to myself? All I can think of is "just keep swimming, just keep swimming." Nemo seriously?!
Dinner @ Parveen restaurant. http://www.parveenrestaurant.co.uk/

Lamb biyriani
I got a little lazy and didn't take pictures of all the individual dishes.
Channa masala- chickpeas
sauce for the lamb biyriani that included lots of veggies
Someone musta been BERRY BERRY hungry. the other usual suspects were chicken tikka masala, spinach dal, okra- YUM, and garlic naan. All the flavors were spot on and delicious.

I got a late start this morning. Ever since my YMCA program went on hiatus, I've been sleeping in a lot later.
Fuel for my run: I got the butt of the bread (the end piece).
Whole wheat toast w. organic creamy peanut butter and a side of french roasted coffee. Mmmm..coffee
Patiently waiting for my Garmin to charge... I'm going to see how much mileage I can cover in an hour.

Song of the day: Hella Decalé- DJ Mam's feat Doukali & Soldat Jahman

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