Saturday, 18 December 2010


Someone seems to think I brought the snow from Chicaaago. Who's afraid of a lil white flurries?!
It actually came down pretty hard today. The sidewalks are pretty much all slush so by the end of the day, my socks started to get pretty wet. Damn boots!

Brunch @
I decided to continue w. the pink theme from last night and order a sour pink grapefruit juice. I barely got through it. Reminded me too much of last night's sweet cocktails. T got the banana milkshake. It had the right banana flavor but it wasn't sweet enough!! They don't call it a milkshake for nuttin!
My dish: Vegetarian English breakfast with poached eggs, mushrooms, spinach, hash browns, and beans. I'm not sure how those chunky potatoes are considered hash browns but they were still tasty. Add a bit of ketchup and tabasco sauce and we're in business baby!
We got an order of pancakes with blueberry compote to share. Unfortunately, these pancakes were awful!! They were WAY too thick and consequently were too doughy. The blueberry compote was a nice topping but it couldn't really save the overly thick pancakes. Oh well. Better luck next time.
T's smoked salmon and eggs on toast. Always a good time.

After brunch, we went shopping @ Westfield Shopping Center.
They were handing out free samples of Ferrero Rocher under this gigantor display of gold balls. I don't know why I decided to take a picture of it. The gold enticed me I guess.
The coconut covered almond one was my fav!!! Took care of my sweet tooth too.
They gave us 3 samples to try. I ate all three :o) :o) I blame the stressors of the mall on that one. There were a ton of people today doing their X-mas shopping. Crazies..
As a child, I loved seeing all the presents under the tree. To this day, I still get excited by it. Some things never change :) Calling Santa...

Tonight's agenda: get some korean grub and off to a X-mas party.
Festive song of the day: "Baby, it's cold outside"

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