Saturday, 18 December 2010

Rudolph the red nose reindeer

I was feeling unusually festive. Note I hardly take pictures of myself but I love dem reindeer ears!
This was such flavorful olive oil.
I can't say enough about bread baskets. They hold a special place in my heart :)
It literally looked like my plate would start walking away from me. Check out all those claws!! I'm sorry but the dish was delicious except for the fact that it was messy to eat. Restaurants keep the shell on to maintain the flavor but I'm not sure it's worth it in this case. It almost made the dish less appetizing since your hands have to get all messy to eat it.
Cold, refreshing mozzerella cheese ball w. amazing pesto and smoked salmon on top of a crisp bread. This was SOOOOOO good. It's such simple ingredients but when combined, it's magical!
A unsuccessful picture of my portion.
Tagliatelle with wild mushrooms. I was a fan of the flavor and the mushrooms but the noodles were a bit thick for the dish in my opinion.
My entree- seabass with mash potatoes and clams. YUM!!!!!!!!!! The fish was perfectly cooked and flaky, buttery, deliciousness! The mash worked really well and the clams were nicely sauteed in olive oil goodness.
T's lamb shank.
Semi freddo with chocolate chips, nuts and drizzled with honey, chocolate sauce, and pistachio. The freddo almost tasted like vanilla nougat without the chewiness texture. Texturally, I loved this dessert because of the crunch.

After dinner drinks @ Milk n Honey.
Pink lady- frothy and delicious. I forgot the ingredients :(
Floradora (bartender's recommendation)- gin, raspberry, lime, ginger, soda. The ginger made my throat all tingly. The drinks at M&H are fantastic!

Time for a cold, snowy run before brunch X-mas shopping!

Song of the day: "Blame Game"- Kanye West feat. John Legend

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