Sunday, 19 December 2010

Santa's stuck!

My body was craving something non-greasy and somewhat healthy for lunch.
The convenience of Bigham's almost ready made meals are hard to beat. All you have to do is cook the meat on the left side for 10 minutes, add the sauce, simmer, and voila!
*shhhh* I might have added in some chili flakes!!
w. some asparagus seasoned w. salt and peppa on the side. Simple and delicious.

We finally decided to tackle the gingerbread house tis afternoon.
Mix powder sugar w. three tablespoons of hot water, one at a time. Whisk well.
Use as glue for house.
It looks super clean here but it definitely got VERY messy. Frosting was everywhere!!!!
Not too shabby eh?! No one ever said anything about it needing to be artistic. Bt dubs. There were two gingerbread men on the house but a big bad sonoma wolf jumped up and ate one! BAD GIRL!

X-mas party round two:
The night started off w. a cozy house and a glass of warm mulled wine. Yuum. This was the best mulled wine I've had. I believe the secret ingredient (not so secret anymore) was honey. Mmmm..
Turkey numero deux.
Me taking a picture of Chloe taking a picture of the bird. :o)
The host had the tough job of carving the humongous bird.
amazing, creamy mash potatoes
I heart brussel sprouts.
Cranberry jelly slices. Anyone ever wondered how cranberry slices came about? Not that I'm complaining but it's such an interesting flavor combination to have w. the turkey.
Bread platter w. creamy, pungent brie cheese.
Boys first.
One at a time puhleasse! I waited til the end so I could take more pictures.
What a delicious spread. I'm not gonna lie- I went up for seconds!
My first plate. The turkey was so moist and tender.
Funny how silent a room can get when people are eating.
It's not really a Christmas party without cheesy crackers.

S. Korean ladies REPRESENT!
Beautiful hostess
I slyly managed to get away without wearing a crown. Apparently, there were enough for everyone but I couldn't find one...... I swear!
Apple and cranberry pie fresh out of the oven. Check out that perfectly latticed pie topping.
We sang happy birthday to a few people who celebrated their birthday's last month.
Make a wish!!
When was the last time you made wish?

Two cake slices to share. I left off most of the frosting because I knew I wanted some pie.
The holiday's wouldn't be the holiday's without a bit of indulgence. I try not to feel guilty about eating sampling everything. I'll just make sure to work extra hard at my BoxFit class tomorrow. ;)

I'm beat. Good night moon.
Song of the day: Taylor Swift "Enchanted"

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