Monday, 20 December 2010

Happy endings

I was in the mood for pancakes again this morning with a bit of a sweet twist.
I thought this was solid milk chocolate but it tasted like hazelnut when it melted. YUM!
Topped w. a bananer and maple syrup. Delish. The chocolate melted perfectly. Talk about bringing back a childhood Saturday morning classic. Only thing missing is the BACOOOOON!!!

Evening plans: T's London City Choir concert.
Nose bleed section. Seriously. Someone friggin hand me a bone here.
My favorite part was the kid's rendition of Away in a Manger. So cute!!
Blergh. What cruddy pictures!! The choir did an amazing job though. There was one piece that was sung in latin that brought tears to my eyes. Very somber and beautiful.

Another quick and easy Bigham's meal.

It was a bit too ginger and lemongrassy for my liking but I was starvin marvin so I scarfed it down.
The best part of dinner. Creamy and a perfect swirl of chocolate and toffee.
Reading material for bed.

I love happy endings :) (and I'm not talking about that kind of happy ending!).,,20452200,00.html

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