Friday, 17 December 2010

Holy crap it's snowing and STICKING!

AND it became sunny outside. Fantabulous!! and yes, that's a word in the Hanna dictionary.

Dinner last night was fabulosity as well.
Dipping sauces for the Pappadoms. The orange one is my favorite (it's mango). So sweet and almost jam like.
 Pappa who? Pappadoms I believe (sp?)
They bring out this small platter of veggies so you can pretend to be eating healthy. All kidding aside, I actually eat the vegetables w. the meal. With everything being so hot and spicy, it's nice to have the vegetables to cool the palate down.
Lamb chops, chicken, and some type of sausage
I eat lamb chops like a lady with my fork and knife. That's probably the only finger food I eat somewhat gracefully. I did lick my fingers three one time :-D
The chicken was so tender!! Seriously. How come my chicken is never this good at home!!!
Garlic naan. Dripping in garlic butter. O my lordie!
Lamb chop curry. Lamb x 2!!!
Some sort of fish curry. I really dug the flavor and the fish soaked in all that lovely curry sauce.
A bottle of white to share. Tayabs is BYOB. Score!
So my last fitness assessment was today and I PASSED! I was so lucky to find a friend who volunteered to be my test subject. I had to measure his height, weight, blood pressure, body fat, flexibility, find out how many press ups he could do in one minute, and a 3 minute step up test and accurately tell my assessor the results. Thankfully, the only hiccup was checking his pulse after the step test but it wasn't major enough for me to fail so YIPPEE!!!  Barring any bad news on the two previous written tests, I'll be a level 2 gym instructor (for now) before moving on to the personal training level 3's next year. Whew... I'm done w. my program till January so now my holidays can really begin. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

I was starving when I came home!! The assessments took longer than I thought and I was back home by 1 p.m.
Oops!! I sort of burnt the crust.
Not that it matters because I was still able to enjoy the flaky, buttery crust along w. the chix and mushrooms.

Time to get crackalackin on cleaning the house. Oh geeze. It hasn't been done in SOOO long. I've been slacking BIG TIME in the cleaning department. Maybe I'll even listen to some Christmas music too. Oh look out!

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  1. Congratulations on passing the second-level assessment tests. I can't wait to see you guys next week.