Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Robots v. Wrestlers

Dinner @ The Giant Robot
Chicory salad with beets and gorgonzola cheese. This was such a delicious salad. The beetroot wasn't the normal deep red that I'm used to but it was so tasty. It was crisp, sweet, citrusy, and warm from the cheese. What a perfect combination.

Wild mushroom crostini's w. truffle oil and parmesan shavings. Yuuum. Too bad it was only one heavenly bite :)
Arancini balls- Crispy on the outside and hot risotto rice, spinach, parmesan, and herb aioli on the inside w. pesto dip. These suckers were SO flippin hot but really good once I managed to wait for them to cool.
Rib-eye steak cooked to medium w. argula and black peppercorn sauce to dip. The steak was cooked perfectly to my liking. T would have prefered it a little bit less cooked. The meat was very flavorful nonetheless and the dipping sauce was amaazeballs!!
Creamy EVOO mash on the side.
Spaghetti n meataballs!! There wasn't enough sauce for the noodles but the meatballs were pretty good and the overall dish reminded me of something I would get at a good Italian chain in the States (say Bucca di peppo).

Cupcake from T's cafe. It said Happy Christmas. Isn't it usually Merry Christmas or is that a British thing? :o) :o)

T-minus 3 days til Jesus' birth!!

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