Wednesday, 22 December 2010

The Good Life

I wasn't quite sure if porridge oats was the same thing as rolled oats but I just went with it.
Someone recommended that you soak the raisins in hot water prior to adding it at the end. This method plumps up the raisins. I didn't really notice too much of a difference though after the cookies were done.
Crossed my fingers and hoped for the best!! The recipe had some 700 reviews but not all of them were great.
I had to watch them very carefully in the oven to ensure I didn't burn them. SUCCESS!! The cookies were quite tasty.
After scarfing down a few, I went on a run to Regent's Park. Big FAIL
Tip toed my way through the icy terrain :o)
Everything was still very slippery and  snowy. I did manage to find some sidewalks around the perimeter of the park that weren't caution zones. I miss running when the sun is out and I'm not big layered sweaty mess. The less clothing the better :). Oh well! At least I still managed to squeeze out a 45 minute run.

Suprise of the day:
My first set of Zumba instructor cd's came in the mail! I have yet to try them but I'm excited because the DVD actually comes with choreographed moves to all the songs. It takes the guesswork out of the songs for all the "non dancers" aka people like me who find it challenging to come up w. moves on their own. Schaweet! Merry X-Mas to meeeeee!
My afternoon consisted of finishing up my last minute Christmas shopping and buying some new toys for the rascal. It's like Christmas every month for her. She's livin the good life I must say! And sneaking her big fat nose in my picture!!!

My family comes in tomorrow. Yippeee!!! 

Song of the day: Ne-Yo ft. Fabulous "Crazy Love"

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