Sunday, 26 December 2010

First visitor to the UK!!

Sunday FUNDAY walk to the center of town.
My dad wanted to see Covent Garden and do some shopping
But somehow, we ended up at Belgo's for mussels and beer at 2 in the afternoon. Say Whaaaaaaaat?
Alright alright.. I guess I'm not complaining. Salud!! Only in the UK is it totally appropriate to have a drink in the afternoon without any discerning eyes.
For the light weights out there: my momma had the framoise beer. I think it had 3.5% alcohol content or so?
My dad and T had the Hoegaarden Grand Cru, a belgium beer. I ordered a Chimay Bleu and had a sampling of everyone's beer. 
Open faced mussels platter with marinere and mozzerella cheese.
We ordered three kilo pots of mussels: Marinere, Green Thai, and Traditionelle.
Everything was so delicious as always. Even for a non-mussels fan (someone else, not me!!), Belgos was still a hit.
We did make it out to Covent Garden and Oxford street to do some window shopping and walking around.
Please Rudolph don't go!! I'm going to miss all the festive Christmas decorations.
We went to the only place we knew that played the Bears game. Bodeans for light beer and Kansas City style bbq.
Meat platter x2. Oh lordie that is a whole lotta meat.
It was SOOO yummy. Especially with the two meat sauces- bbq and hickory that you could smother all over the beef/pork ribs, chicken, and brisket.
Bbq pictures are always so flattering.. wouldn't you agree?? :o)
We still managed to finish most of the two platters even though we had eaten 4 hours earlier.
I'm so stuffed. I'm not even sure how all that food got in my bellay. Good news is that the Bears won 38-34. We're going to the Superbowl playoffs baby!!

Great news: My friend is flying to S. Africa and has a Heathrow flight delay for 9 hours tomorrow so she'll be able to come see me!! Yippee!! My first visitor and not even on purpose. :-D. Either way, I'll take it!!

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