Saturday, 25 December 2010

Christmas love

Christmas morning breakfast of toast, sunny side up eggs, and smoked salmon scrambled eggs.
Yummy! I ran around my neighborhood for an hour. Everything was so quiet and peaceful. I LOVED IT!
Delicious spread.
Time for presents!!
Everyone grab your stockings!

I got hot sauce in my stocking. Have you seen a happier face?

My mom smiles from the heart. :o)
I squealed like a pig being chased when I saw this voucher. A 3 hour house cleaning and I don't have to do it myself? SWEET!!!
I am fascinated by scary movies and scary tours. T got me a voucher for the London Tombs tour. Does someone know me well or what!
My stocking was stuffed with lots of fun goodies: a Chicago Michelin guide, a London for Londoner's Timeout book, and lots of candy.

Sonoma is trying to get in on the action in any way possible.
Trying to divvy up the presents is hard work when they aren't labeled!!
"Attack, Attack!!" Santa brought her some fancy canned dog food.
Lots of presents to be opened.
I got everything I asked for this Christmas: Zumba certification, gloves, scarfs, workout clothes, and a Barcelona book. SURPRISE!! T's taking me to Barcelona for my Birthday. YIPPEE!!!! I've already looked up a popular salsa club :) ME GUSTA ME GUSTA!!
More Kinnect Sports fun

The house is smelling lovely and I'm anxiously anticipating Christmas dinner.
A preview of whats to come!!

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