Tuesday, 28 December 2010


I really tried running for an hour but after 45 minutes,  my side started cramping so I quit after 53 minutes. It was a wonderful run of 5.78 miles around my hood. The weather held up for most of the time but as soon as I got back, it started misting pretty heavily.
My mom loves to clean my dog. I swear Sonoma is going to lose her black colors soon!! :P
Surprisingly, Noma likes bathtime. She used to run away from it but now she just sits there like a good little girl!
Look at that precious face!!
I'm obsessed w. my dog. Who wouldn't be with that sweet face?!

Lunch was @ Busaba Ethai
Wasn't really a fan of their communal tables but I don't mind them anymore.
Busaba- hands down my favorite thai food in London. Everything is so yummylicious!!
 T and an old friend reunite. Two friends in two days came into town. Yippee!!
Thai calamari
 Chicken satay
Salty and crispy chicken wings
Pad Kwetio- thick noodles with prawns, chicken, bamboo shoots and basil. Holy spicy goodness.
My plate had a sampling of everyone's dishes. There was some red lamb curry, green vegetable curry, char grilled sea bream, crabmeat fried rice, and thai roti.
We were busy scarfing down our food. We ordered a ton once again but were able to finish everything. The waitress convinced us we had ordered too much and we eliminated one fried rice dish. Bad idea!! That's the last time we take the waitress' advice. I don't think anyone can really comprehend the size of our appetites. :-D
 Tarek I spotted another space invader! Weee!! I love those things. Reminds me of Paris.. Love :)
We spotted a Hummingbird Bakery and couldn't say no. I mean who could?
Hummingbird has the best cupcakes in London.
The red velvet takes the win! Moist with a hint of chocolate and cream cheese frosting. Yuuuuuuuum.
We stopped at a Waterstones bookstore and I was able to convince my daddy to buy me one two THREE books. I can't wait to read in my PJ's.

After all that food this afterrnoon, I convinced myself I needed a second workout of the day so I went to Zumba. The class was amazing as always. Now time for some fried chicken and beer.

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