Sunday, 28 November 2010

Zumba certified

I woke up nice and early to attend an all day Zumba instructor course at this facility in Kent. The instructor was this cute, vivacious American woman who came to the UK to lead these training courses. She looked like she could have been in her 20's but she told us that she's been married for 13 years and has two kids. Uhm.........soooooooo does Zumba guarantee me a banging body like hers after two kids? :-D

We had a master class in the morning (taught by the instructor) and then we proceeded to learn all about Zumba and it's basic four rhythms: salsa, merengue, reggaton (my FAV!!!!), and cumbia. It was a very long day but a fun one.

Lunch was 30 minutes so I stopped at the gym's cafe and had their jumbalaya w. generous portions of chicken, veggies, rice, and small sausage bits. It was pretty tasty. I inhaled it though since they brought it out 10 minutes before we had to go back to class.

YAY!! I am officially a certified Zumba instructor!! I also joined the Zin network, which has a lot of perks, one of them being that I get a cd w. new music and choreography every other month.

Chocolate tart for the car ride home back from Kent.

Time to hit the books.

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