Saturday, 27 November 2010

Eating in Kent

We've arrived in Kent and I'm exhausted but before I go to bed and get that 7 hours of sleep (keeping my fingers crossed for 7) I thought I'd post some pictures of my day of eating. Thankfully I had two workouts today so I can go a little crazy :-D
T's homemade guacamole w. spicy chili's for extra spice.
Yowza! Boy, did it have a kick to it!
Shephard's pie for lunch
Guac and chips on the side
We arrived in Kent at 5:00 and figured we should stop at a local pub for a drink. We caught the end of the Nadal v. Murray match. YAY! Nadal for the win. Ow ow... he's a sexy man ;)
 #1 rated restaurant in Trip Advisor for restaurants in Kent
I love open fires in restaurants. Such a nice extra touch on a cold cold evening.
Jug o' wine.

French onion soup. I should have sent it back but I have a problem w. doing that for some reason. I ate the croutons and left most of the soup. Something about the flavor was off putting. After our meal, another table ordered 3 soups and had them sent back. DARN it! I knew something was wrong! Apparently, it was too much vinegar. O well. Lesson learned.
Shrimp appetizer- bland and disappointing
the restaurant was so cute and service pretty good but I was highly disappointed w. their food.
Sea bass w. cream sauce
pomme frites
Roasted veggies- sadly, this was probably my favorite dish of the restaurant
Veal escalope w. mashed potatoes
 Creme brulee- the top was too torched and gave it a burnt flavor. Yuck!
Sugar free 7-up and a dark n' stormy (ginger beer and rum).
We stopped at another pub after our unsatisfying meal and ordered mas food. Oy vey!

Mini burgers w. onion rings and fries. I'll just slowly unbutton the top of my jeans thankuverymuch!
Ginger pudding w. raisin ice cream. Nice way to end the night. I am sosososo tired. Bright and early start tomorrow at 8 a.m!

Sweet dreams.

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  1. The tray of mini hamburgers reminded me of our trip to McDonald for hamburgers after nice sushi dinner:)