Monday, 29 November 2010

Say Cheeeeesee!!

Where's Waldo Hanna?
Pizza for dinner after a long day's work!!
Fungi pizza w. salami and truffle oil. Delish. Thin pizza is the best here (second to NY according to my tastebuds)
Heeeeeeey there puuurty lady.......
How cute is this pink mini fridge that T got me? So adorbs!!

Breakfast this morning: Fried egg sandwich
I got up a bit earlier this morning so I could squeeze in an hour workout before my class today. Too bad I forgot about the tube strike and traffic was gridlocked. It took me about 20 minutes longer than usual. Ridonkulous I tell ya! Thankfully the tube strike ended tonight and everything will be back in order tomorrow :)
Lunch: whole wheat pasta w. chicken, asparagus, ranch dressing and unpictured spinach on top.

Fluffy Basmati rice.
Bigham's Breton chicken ready to make meals.
Chicken over rice
Baguette to dip in mussel juices
 or slathered in butta!
Now you see em
Then you don't. :) I love Mussels!

First snow fall of the season here in London tomorrow!! :o) :o)

Song of the day: "Loca" by Shakira

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  1. I found you instantly. I just looked for someone trying to hide. :)