Friday, 26 November 2010

Where's the queen?!

Breakfast this morning:
  • 1/4 cup oats
  • 1/4 cup milk
  • 1/4 cup water
  • raisins
  • goji berries
  • honey
  • leftover pumpkin
I'm not sure if I'm a fan of the unsweetened pumpkin mixed in the oats. I had pumpkin when I was back in Chicago but I realize now that it was pumpkin pie filling so it was pre-sweetened. 
Green monster muffin on the side. Can't get enuff!
I skipped my workout today (my body needed a rest-I listened to my body for once!!) and we went to Windsor instead.
Yay!! I love being in a car! I like driving more but I'm too much of a chicken to drive in London. It's the left side people. It ain't right I tell ya.
One thing I miss about driving is the radio (and the windows down when it's nice out)
Refreshments for the road. I don't really believe in the gimic of weight loss support beverages but this one had caffeine in it and its pretty tasty too :)
healthy snacking for the road
Lunch stop at La Taverna
I thought to myself that this would be the perfect wedding reception centerpiece.
glass of house white
Fresh baked bread and butter. I can't resist!
Eggplant w. warm gooey mozzerella cheese on top. Yuuuuuum.
 w. extra grated cheese on top
 Tagliatelle bolognese
 Chicken w. mushrooms, garlic, parsley in a tomato based sauce.
 w. fried zucchini and scalloped potatoes

On our way to see the Queen! Apparently, she spends most of  her weekends here at Windsor castle.
but unfortunately, the flag was red, white, and blue, which meant she was away on holiday, business, or doing other important queen like things. So disappointed!
Woo hoo! We have multimedia.
I was very curious indeed. What exactly does the queen do on the weekends here in Windsor? Does she watch T.V.? Knit on her couch? Have friends over for afternoon tea?
Perhaps she entertains curious korean american women for some tea and crumpets? Yes.. I bet thats it!
The audio tours are the way to go. I wouldn't know half the things I was seeing if it wasn't for the commentary!

the pictures don't really do the castle justice. This is something I've never seen in the states. So cool!
The guards doing their routine march. I swear one of em' was smirking.
 No entry
We weren't allowed to take picture inside St. George's chapel but the inside was so majestic and very peaceful.
Sort of want to tickle him...
but I'll settle for this guy instead! so much cuter (and cuddlier!)
I love the view from the top
As much as I wanted to stay outside, it was FREEZING cold. Too bad all the things indoors were no picture zones
 milk mustache anyone? We stopped at Esquire cafe after the castle visit for a quick cappuccino for me.
and a sweet tooth fix for both before we hit the road back to London.

What a fun way to spend a Friday afternoon!!

Song of the day: Miguel Jontel ft. J. Cole- "All I want is you" (thanks to a fellow FB who unknowingly prolly introduced me to a song!)

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