Saturday, 27 November 2010

Persian on the menu
BAH! I tried to take a picture. I blame the cold.
glass of wine in anticipation for my first persian dining experience. SO excited!!!
Appetizers: I don't remember the names but I know it was eggplant, hummus, a bean mixture, and chicken salad.
You eat the appetizers w. these thin breads called naan. It wasn't the usual naan I'm used to but all the better. They were thinner so I could eat more :). It was a perfect dipping tool for the apps. My favorite was the hummus and bean mixture. The flavors are lighter and more delicate than lebanese food but I could see the similarities.
Saffron marinated chicken, lamb, and kefta. Everything was so tender and juicy. Very delicious.
Fluffy white rice w. butter to mix. I started w. half the butter but then decided to heck w. it and used it all!
I chopped up all the grilled tomatoes into my rice for extra flavor.
Saffron flavored cubes of ice cream. T swears it wasn't saffron but rose water flavor instead. He might have been right. It was an interesting flavor but I don't think floral ice creams are my favorite. I want my ice cream sweet and creamy. This had more of an icy, sorbet consistency to it.

Breakfast before I get my study on:
Fried egg w. flax seeds on top w hanna banana and peanut butter n grapes
Day's agenda: study, attend street dance and zumba classes, showa, and head off to Kent for a bit of relaxation. I have my Zumba instructor all day course tomorrow!!! :-D

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