Friday, 26 November 2010

No food coma on this side of town

Starting the night off right w. some bubbly
I like the way the bubbles tickle my nose
What do you think Noma? Is it done yet?
Checking the turkey w. a meat thermometer=always a good idea.
Chef Mike and Athena cooking away. T and I arrived promptly at 6 much to their surprise. What can we say. We're sometimes we're a bit too prompt. :o)
"let me slice the turkey"
"No, honey, this is how you do it!"
Everything is better in two's
Hey! Where's my food?! (no worries- she got plenty of turkey this year!!)
Spinach salad w. cranberries, blue cheese, apples, and pomegrante dressing. I love dried fruit in my salad. It's nice to have a chewy texture in contrast to the crunchiness of the apples.
Lots of bread- I had two pieces
Green beans sauteed in EVOO and bacon. BAAAACOONN!!!!!! Love love love the smell of sizzling bacon!
I was shocked to see that the turkey still had its legs. Gross. Seriously Whole Foods?! They give you the head but not the gizzards. Isn't that so strange?
Stuffing. Probably my least favorite but don't feel bad because it wasn't home made! Where's the reliable stovetop stuffing when you need it?!
Drunken turkey. The marinade included tequila and grand marinier. The turkey turned out very moist and juicy. Compliments to the Chef!
Mike's special garlic mashed potatoes. so delicious with chunks of potato still left throughout. Just the way mash should taste.
Corn- simple yet delicious.
Check out the spread yo!
My plate- So proud of myself. I went up for seconds but only stuck to the veggies. Avoided the dreaded turkey coma this year :)
The pumpkin pie was delicious. Just the right amount of spices and sweet w. that amazing pumpkin flavor. I had one two slices.
Spoiled brat gets a seat at the table when someone's away.
Honestly guys.. Where's my food?
We were able to watch a bit of football. Thanksgiving is not complete without seeing the robotic NFL turkey come across the tv screen.
Aaaaaaaaaaaaand she's out for the count
What do you think she's dreaming of?

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  1. What a nice Thanksgiving dinner you guys had! Everything looks so delicious. Do you know what Sonoma said to the dancing turkey? "Gobble Jima!"