Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Alki v. Dog

 Tender meats

Dinner from London kabobs- quick, affordable, and darn good.
w. a side of crispy fries. errrr.. I mean chips. I'm a Londoner after all :)

Vegetables to keep it healthy?

A little taste of the double cheeseburger (without the extra meat patty for me-I took one off)
Staredown: Dog v. child

Who ya looking at?!
Dessert: STP
w. banoffee (bananer flavored ice cream w. toffee swirl and little graham cracker pieces) ice cream. OMG. so.friggin.good!
Cute father/son moment
Even cuter father/son moment. Almost kind of makes me want one. I said alllllllllllmost. 

Song of the day: "Say Na Say Na"- Best of Bollywood

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