Saturday, 20 November 2010


I mean FAT. I'm going to sit around and do nothing but eat, drink tea, and try to study. Where has all my motivation gone?! Must be all those boogies in my nose have clogged up my braaaain. :(

TMI. On to better news!
My new blogging corner and desk!! At least I hope it'll be a blogging corner. As of right now, it's looking more like a study corner.
A pink chair to boot!! Does T know me or what.
Pink makes me happy.
Pasta for lunch
Leftovers from the other night
My french book is next to me but I can't seem to pick it up and do any actual studying. Perhaps some Mn'M's for motivation?

So I forgot to talk about my workout session yesterday. In addition to me being a mock teacher, I was also the student. My partner led me through a series of Fartlek intervals. For anyone who is not familiar with Fartlek, here it is:
I found it slightly painful yet funny that even though I was sick, he still proceeded to lead me through a sweat inducing, high intensity CV workout. My average running speed is usually 10-11 km/h. He pushed me to 12.5 km/h for 2 minute intervals  **with one minute fast walking/jogging in between** and then had me running at 13 km/h for a few minutes towards the end. He recommended incorporating Fartlek into my running routine at least three times a week in order to boost my PB (personal best) for my 5k run. We'll see if I actually take him up on this advice since I'm sort of a lazy leisurely runner :P.

For the teaching aspect of the morning, I was given some good advice.

Things I need to work on
  • Being more confident in myself (the YMCA assessor assured me that I seemed to know my stuff so I must come across that way to my client)
  • Memorizing the muscles/joints and knowing which machine/weight works what part of the body
  • Observing the client from all different angles
  • Explaining the exercise in a clear and efficient manner so you can minimize the time in between demonstrating and actually having the client perform the exercise himself.
Afternoon agenda: More tea
and fingers crossed* hopefully going out for korean bbq and karaoke (pending sick status)

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