Sunday, 21 November 2010

But you got me no. but you got me no.. schwaaaarrrmaaa

The get well Hanna package: Lucazade, soups, candy, puddings, lozanges, vitamin c chewables, smelling salt, red bull, and some day nurse. Holy moly. If all this doesn't make me better, I'm not sure what will (besides sleep, sleep, and more sleep).

Dinner: Korean bbq. To think, I almost had to miss out on this wonderful night out because I was losing my tastebuds aka feeling more worse for wear. Thankfully they came back about 15 minutes prior to leaving the house!! Thank my lucky stars.
Starting the night off w. a soju shot. Soju is sort of like korean vodka but it's a bit easier to drink (my personal opinion). It's a nice accompaniment to bbq and beer.
Bring on the complimentary side dishes!! It's hard to get anything for free in London. When you're ordering off the regular menu, you have to pay for your kimchi. Ain't nothin free!
The seafood pancake was a hit w. everyone. Pure yumminess.
a steamed pork loin wrap w. some spicy kimchi on top. Finger food.
We ordered 2 sets of mixed meats (chicken,beef, and pork belly) and 2 sets of seafood

The prawns were a pretty big disappointment. They tasted too fishy.
Hot stone bim bim bap bowls w. chicken or beef
Everyone say "cheeeese!!!"
Someone ate all the insides of the shrimp heads!! (It honestly wasn't me!!)
I was disappointed they didn't have a dessert menu but at least they gave us some oranges.

What comes after bbq? Noreabang of course!!
A little bit more liquid courage
Lots more liquid courage
The room was pretty tiny but cozy :). Very hard to take any good pictures too. I tried!
Normally karaoke screens have cheesy music videos in the background but this tv had the weirdest fly animation character with its belly sticking out.
As the night progresses, people seem to be getting more into it.
Some are taking to the mic more than others ;)
Belt it out boys!
"A little respect"- Erasure
We literally shut down the place at 2:30. The staff graciously entertained our loud singing voices.

Random karaoke thought: Does anyone else find it funny that someone in the group always end up choosing a rap song but he/she never seems to be able to keep in time w. the song? I find this especially true w. Eminem's "Lose yourself". It sounds like a good idea at the time but it's quite hilarious to later find out that the song is a lot harder to rap than you think!

So tired this morning. We got into bed at 4 a.m. Blergh.
Mix of bran flakes and wait for it... Cinnatoast Crunch!! A childhood meeemooory!
w. a sprinkle of flaxseeds. Disclaimer: This breakfast may appear healthier than it actually is :)
Sweet and delicious tho
Time to get studying! I love my new study corner :)

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