Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Oh shucks

I think I'm getting sick!!! Go figure. My body is not used to being pushed all day. I've been getting up at 7 to get in an hour work out before my PT program but I think I may be overdoing it. Getting sick is perhaps the worst thing to happen to my fitness routine. I'm hoping I can nurse myself back to health quickly. In the meantime, I made a smoothie tonight to get in some extra nutrients.
In the mix: Milk, Orange juice, lots of spinach, yogurt, berries,agave nectar, and muesli on top.

Some tea for my throat and runny nose:
Green mint tea w. some lemon. 

Dinner earlier was some greasy fried chicken. I'm sort of the opposite when it comes to getting sick; my appetite gets bigger. 
 w. some spicaaay wings.
and crispy chips aka french fries. The perfect I'm sick excuse of a meal. 

Lunch: Unpictured salad with tuna, mushrooms, potato salad, and a bean mixture from the YMCA cafe. I also snacked on a clif bar during one of our breaks. I haven't taken any photos yet of my lunches because I don't know if it's appropriate to bring out my camera in the classroom. Who wants to be known as the weird girl who takes photos of her food in class!?!
Breakfast this morning: The usual fried egg on top of whole wheat toast, bananer and peanut butter.

I'm learning lots o' stuff in my PT program. We've gone through a lot of material in the first three days. Some topics we've covered are the human body and all its bone's, the heart and the cardio respiratory system, muscles and the different types of contractions, and lots more. BRAIN OVERLOAD!! Thank goodness I don't have to maintain a part time job while doing this program because I don't think I could pass the course. I wonder if we'll cover a topic on decreased brain capacity as you age.. :P

My favorite topic so far is the Energy Systems and Healthy Eating that we covered today. It's good to reinforce all that I've learned on my own on the benefits of eating the right balance of foods (proper ratio of good carbs/protein/fat). We've only touched on the subject briefly but I'm definitely getting a taste for what the nutrition segment of the course will be like. If I like it, I might consider becoming a registered dietitian...but that's another chapter for a different rainy day.

Time to get my study on a lil before bed.

Useless celebrity gossip: DUDE!! Too bad. I thought they made an adorable couple.,,20442938,00.html

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