Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Down the hatch

Quick blog before bed!

Breakfast: Wholewheat toast w. peanut butter and bananas
Snack before dinner!
Dinner: The Well http://www.downthewell.co.uk/
A treat to have a bread basket and olive/balsamic oil brought to the table without asking.
 Peel yourself pint-o-prawns w. mayo dip. The prawns are so sweet and delicious!
 Aubergine and goat cheese tart w. arugula. The taste was alright. Nothing special. The cheese didn't stand out and it was sort of bland.
 Mushroom risotto w. truffle. My fav!
 Crayfish ravioli w. buttered kale.
 I never order lamb shank but I'm so glad I did! The meat fell off the bone and it was perfect w. the velvety mash.
 T's dessert. Some sort of strawberry roly poly cake. It wasn't very memorable (obviously)
Mine: Bitter dark chocolate tart w. orange ice cream. The orange ice cream was the star of the dish. Good way to finish off the meal.

Can't believe it's already time to go to bed. Where has the time gone? Definitely still getting used to the 9-5er. Nighty night!

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