Thursday, 18 November 2010

Green eggs and ham

Waking up this morning was a pain in the woo hoo. Still wasn't feeling the greatest (p.s. I feel even worse now!)
Made a smoothie to use the rest of my spinach that was about to die on me.
Ingredients: Milk, yogurt, spinach, and berries. It was quite thin but tasty nonetheless. Check out that awesome green color.
 Dinner: Indian night
Chicken tikka masala.
Mixed vegetables
Pilau rice
Lamb biriyani
Yes. I'm proud to say I cleaned off my plate. I can tell my taste buds are going because the food wasn't as vibrant tasting as it normally is.
Garlic naan the size of my belly. Seriously. I can't even pretend to suck it in. But then again, I'm alone in bed so I'll just let it hang in all its indian food glory.

Hummingbird's carrot cake and their house special "curly cake"
Very moist and decadant frosting as always
The cake wasn't anything special. Chocolate cake w. a really rich frosting
Time to get a crackalackin. I'm in charge of teaching one of my classmates the following workout tomorrow morning:

1.) 5 minute warm up using Cardiovascular machine #1 
2.) Stretching
3.) 20 minute CV machine #2 workout using the Fartlek method
4.) Cooldown and stretching
5.) 4 free weight exercises (must include a spotting exercise---- honestly?!?)
6.) 4 resistance machine exercises (must use NAMSET)

I'm finding it challenging translating what I know into verbal ques. I must say the exercise is so much more simpler when I'm teaching it to myself!! Must. keep. practicing. :o)

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  1. Wasn't Hummingbird - was Konditor & Cook. Explains why it wasn't as amazingly yummy. :(

    Feel better sweetie pie.