Thursday, 25 November 2010

Pardon me...

do I have something on my schnauser?
a set of strong legs to take me on a 6.64 mile run this morning. THANKFUL!
Lots of layers of clothing to keep me warm outside. THANKFUL!
Proving to myself once again that I can run (and sweat) even under extreme weather conditions. Very thankful.
my wonderful husband who takes me to the best sushi places. so thankful!
God providing me beautiful flowers to see and smell. Thankful.
Beautiful green plates to eat delicious food on. Thankful.
Scallop nigiri.. extra thankaliciousness!!
Sushi platter and an alaskan roll w. spicy mayo sauce. Anything spicy=thankful!
Chirashi bowl smothered in a wasabi mixture. Uhm.. YUMMY. Thank-Yooooooou! ;)
woman sushi chef who prepares such wonderful roll combinations of eel, avocado, tuna, and salmon roe-thankful.
Baked goods=thankful
baked goods especially when I don't have to bake or clean up= THANKFUL!!
the house smelling heavenly. thankful.

Life provides us with so many little opportunites to be grateful. I hope to be thankful not just today but everyday that I look back and reflect just how blessed I truly am!! Happy Thanksgiving to my family back in Chicago!

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