Monday, 15 November 2010

Busy busy first day!

First day as a YMCA FIT trainee!!!! Time for some breakfast.
Saffron Cake from the italian deli yesterday.
Won a 2010 Great Taste Award.. Toasted and slathered in some blackcurrant jam.
Don't forget to take your vitamins!
but I wasn't a huge fan. It was a bit too raisin-y for my taste.
My head is spinning from all the new PT material I got from my first day. There's a lot of stuff I have to learn. 
At least I came home to dinner being prepared by T. I'm a lucky gal :)
He's busy at work!
While I'm relaxing on a glass of red..  
Seared scallops w. mangos, onions
 Whole wheat pasta w. mushrooms, onions, olives, chilis, and T's special homemade tomato sauce. DELISH!
Freshly grated parm a must!
What a blast from the past. I used to eat this dessert many years ago w. my girlfriends . It brings back such wonderful memories. It's also a very scrumptious dessert! Vanilla ice cream with crispy chocolate layers.
With leftover apple crumble that I accidently burned. Oops!! 

I'm going to bed early so I can get in a quick workout before my class tomorrow morning. :) G'night!

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