Wednesday, 20 October 2010


Snack: greek yogurt, almonds, cacao nibs, honey and chocolate sauce drizzeled on top. I decided yesterday I needed more sweetness in my yogurt. The chocolate sauce did the trick!

I got my nails did and whattya know, within minutes of coming home I got them smudgey!! While I was at the salon, I was given a pamphlet about Bio Sculpture Gel. Why they haven't come out with this product years ago is beyond me. Apparently, its a gel polish that dries under a lamp and doesn't chip or smudge for up to 3 weeks (is that a guarantee??)!! Amaaazing!! I can't wait to try it the next time I'm at the salon.

Nothing better on a cold, rainy night than Indian delivery.
Disclaimer: glass may appear dirtier than it really is
even my glass is smudgey! Noooooo!!!

Wine was tasty. Don't ask me why but I smelled tobacco on the nose. It tasted like cherries apparently. I still haven't gotten this snobby sophisticated tasting thing down. And ya'll, I know I'm not the only one on that boat!

Mixed starter with big chunks of marinated steak, chicken, and some sort of sausage. I just noticed that the sausage looks sort of suspect. It was all tasty except for the steak was a little too chewy. The kind of chewiness where when you put it in your mouth, you instantaneously know you want to spit it out.

Mushroom, potatos, green beans, and chickpeas in a delicious red sauce. I don't know much about Indian food. All I know is it's so darn good.

Lamb biriyani. There were generous portions of lamb in the rice. A bit greasy tho for my liking.

Chicken tikka masala. I just had a discussion with T what we like about masala. I like my masala sweet whereas he likes it tangy. This one was sweet. I WIN!!

Pilau rice. I advocate white rice when Indian food is involved.
My plate: Let's not kid ourselves and say this was the only plate I had. I had about two huge platefuls of food. I wasn't as gracious enough to actually use my plate.

This is why God gave us our hands people!! I love dipping my naan bread in the masala.

A quick breakfast of coffee and bannanner and chunky peanut butter. I prefer smooth but the store didn't have any.

Workout agenda this morning: Chest, Shoulders, Back.

Getting excited: Whoop whoop!

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