Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Break out

Yay! Zumba class was a success. I was a teeensy bit afraid I wouldn't like the instructor's style but thankfully I was worried for nothing! I swear, I've never been taught by a more sassy spanish woman!  There were TONS of girls today and I noticed one guy. Seeing guys at Zumba is a rarity I'm afraid. I had to be careful not to not wave my arm too carelessly or else I would have smacked someone in the face. PARTY FOUL!

After class, I needed a nice long stretching sesh at home.
Please excusez-moi the mess around the house!
I'm not going to lie and say I didn't mix in some salsa practice along with the stretching. I finally have some space to move around my house!! :P

I'm starvin marvin!
Close up!
Veggie burger w. spinach, mayo, and ketchup
Side sald of beets, tomatoes, spinach, and ranch dressing. Another simple and clean lunch today. My body is grateful.

So I'm trying to stay positive but there are two things urking me right now. 
1.) I've lost my gym pass. No. I mean missplaced my gym pass. I hope. Grr.. I hate being so disorganized to the point where I can't find anything.
2.) My face is breaking out hardcore. I feel like I'm in 7th grade. Or whatever age I was when I had bad skin. This sucks.

Time for my french lesson. Au revoir!

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